The Ultimate All-In-One Meeting Room Solution

Ashton Bentley and Bendac Partnership

The Bendac Group and Ashton Bentley- manufacturers of ‘out of the box’ audio-visual space solutions- have teamed up in order to offer clients the ultimate all in one meeting and conference room solution.

Ashton Bentley are a company changing the way businesses equip their conference spaces. Providing state of the art solutions- comprised of video collaboration technology to be used along-side a range of accessories- Ashton Bentleys range is a fully integrated, modern means of video communication.

Boasting an extensive customer base, inclusive of a variety of different sectors, the Bendac/Ashton Bentley alliance aims to reach clients across a variety of environments in order to simplify and customise their meeting spaces.

The Bendac Group aim to further enhance the experience provided by Ashton Bentley with the provision of the extremely popular Krystl screen. Boasting the ability to run in smooth unison with Ashton Bentleys user friendly software, the Krystl offers a variety of benefits of to compliment Ashton Bentleys intelligent and easy to use software.

Slimline, with seamless screen building, the Krystl is an incredibly innovative UHD display solution with an exceptionally fast refresh rate. Named for the crystal-clear images it exhibits, the screen provides a smooth, sleek picture with rich and vibrant colours- ensuring perfect viewing with every use.

Available in sizes ranging from 110”-225”, all of Bendacs Krystl screens offer full HD or 4K resolutions to be paired with Ashton Bentleys conference technology. Simple to install, with device connectivity across multiple connections and platforms, Bendac Group and Ashton Bentley are providing the ultimate all-in-one solution for enhanced meeting room communication, now and moving forwards into the future.

For further advice on how the Bendac/Ashton Bentley partnership could benefit your company, please reach out to the team.

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