Bendac help bring The Dons home

The Bendac Group are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with AFC Wimbledon. Bendac has been working alongside the team to design and install a number of eye-catching screens around the new Plough Lane stadium- helping to support AFC Wimbledon’s continuing success as well as delivering captivating displays to fans and players alike.

AFC Wimbledon- founded in 2002- is managed by a collection of devoted fans. AFC Wimbledon is a club whose collective spirit is prominent throughout the ranks. Having secured land back at their spiritual home of Plough Lane, AFC Wimbledon carried out an inspiring crowd funding campaign alongside an impressive fan-led bond to secure the cost of construction for the new stadium.

Bendac are honoured to have been a part of the massive project at Plough Lane, with the provision and installation of a variety of displays throughout their impressive new stadium.

In total, the Bendac Group supplied four visually stunning displays around the stadium to be used for advertisement, match information and conference purposes. The team installed two of Bendac’s outstanding, weather resistant Dura screens- perfect for large format applications- in the retail area, in addition to the main scoreboard. The popular, narrow pixel pitch Krystl screen was installed in the conference room and the purposefully created, highly resilient perimeter advertising display around the pitch. Manufactured to only the highest industry standards, all of Bendac’s screens boast fast refresh rates- perfect for replaying match content- as well as seamless screen building, fantastic durability and exceptionally rich and vibrant colours.
The Bendac Group are passionate about improving and enriching viewing content across all of our displays. Having already participated in a number of successful installations in the sporting sector, Bendac’s skilled team are eager to provide their expertise to a multitude of situations. All of Bendac’s displays provide superior image quality across the board, enhancing the experience for all viewers.


As always, we at Bendac are seeking new opportunities to develop our impressive portfolio of projects and are excited to be joining in partnership with AFC Wimbledon. This is a fantastic collaboration for both organisations, with the benefits of such a partnership reaching leagues of fans.

The Bendac Group are extremely excited to have supported AFC Wimbledon in the works at Plough Lane stadium and look forward to supporting AFC Wimbledon in all their endeavours going moving into the future.

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