The AV Industry Vs Coronavirus.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has made 2020 a tough year for industries across the globe. With businesses facing the harsh impact of disruptions throughout the majority of sectors- from cancelled shows and face to face client meetings to interruptions in production lines – the ripple effect of the pandemic has been vast and unpredictable to say the least.

Whilst companies have been restricted in their movements in relation to travel, sales and manufacturing of goods, the AV industry is one that – regardless of limitations – has shifted its attention to how the future of businesses will look post pandemic. Rising to the challenge, LED companies are assessing the damage created by Coronavirus and in turn, have begun offering numerous practical solutions intended to provide relief to people all over the world. 

In terms of negative impacts caused by Coronavirus, it is tricky to pinpoint any one factor that has not been affected by multiple others. For the LED Industry, manufacturing and shipping quickly became a main concern.

As with the majority of the manufacturing sector, LED companies depend on China as a main manufacturing source for display equipment and components. With the virus’ epicentre being Wuhan, production in the country ground to a halt, raising in a wealth of concerns for AV companies as delays spanning multiple divisions began to permeate the industry.

The impact to the supply chain has caused significant delays to not only lead times but also decreased (or in some cases completely paused) productivity. Factories have been running on minimum capacity as staff are placed on furlough, adding to the limitations on the workforce and in turn contributing to the growing backlog of orders. Project timelines have been shifted across the board and Ops teams in companies throughout the LED industry have been struggling to meet deadlines and fulfil expectations as they battle with adapting to what is being considered the new normal.

When contemplating the advent of a ‘new normal’, the role played by the AV industry is one of great importance. In the face of a manufacturing and shipping nightmare, the sector has pulled together to create a range of inspiring LED solutions to help both businesses and individuals persevere in times of great uncertainty in our day to day lives.

Modern, innovative technology is being rapidly introduced to the scene, providing a new means of connecting people with companies, products and each other. For example, incredibly popular, hands-free, LED sanitising units are being snapped up across Europe, as businesses scramble to comply with governmental hygiene guidelines and ensure the workspace is safe for employees and clients alike.

Further to the development of pioneering technologies, is the utilisation of high-quality collaboration technology. At present, the main concerns for many sectors are the wealth of communicational challenges posed, leaving businesses with no option but to seek all-in-one video display systems. Fortunately, many AV companies- such as Bendac and Ashton Bentley- have teamed up in order to provide simple and effective, fully integrated solutions to clients across a wide range of applications. Focusing on large scale conferences, educational classes and online gym to name a few, the cross-over of services from company collaborations present unlimited potential to bring people from all environments together, regardless of social distancing restrictions and limits.

Ashton Bentley Conference Setup

In response to various other challenges arising from limited contact, are an abundance of exciting new technologies designed to be used across a variety of applications. With the design and creation of innovative products boasting the ability to evolve and adapt, AV businesses across the world are addressing niches in the market as well as reassuring clients and consumers that these technologies are useful not only during the current crisis but also far into the future- whatever the future may look like.

The AV industry is well known for being purveyors of fantastic advertisement equipment, suitable for businesses the world over. If the Coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of anything, it’s the importance of examining and updating marketing techniques in response to societal climate. Going forwards, clients and consumers alike will rely on the LED industry to help them engage and interact with the population, solidifying digital displays as one of the fasting growing forms of advertisement in the world, despite the current uncertainty in terms of the pandemic. 

The LED industry has no doubt taken a hit during this incredibly turbulent year, however- in 2020 especially- professional AV installations have begun an exciting and important transition. Moving away from past assumptions that AV technology is an expensive luxury, companies are now observing LED displays as a business-saving necessity, perfect for bridging the fracture created by Covid-19 and restarting the important task of connecting people with people.

As ever, the industry has confidently risen to the challenges posed by this existence-altering infection. Having taken a hopeless situation and turned it around in order to provide environment and life-enhancing solutions, we can be sure that the AV sector will continue to deliver exceptional experiences in the form of permanent, affordable mainstream solutions to the entire population.


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