The Bendac Group: Who Are We?

Founded by David and Ben DaCosta in 2016, the Bendac Group is the UK’s leading custom LED display solutions provider, designing and delivering bespoke, industry-leading LED solutions to a variety of business sectors across the globe. Headquartered in our dedicated technology and innovation centre – 90 minutes West of London – the Bendac Group has heavily invested in its expansion, excelled in the industry and secured a variety of exciting, high-profile clients.


With an impressive repertoire of installations in over 20 countries worldwide, The Bendac Groups mission is to provide only the highest quality, fully customisable display solutions – offered alongside exceptional product support and aftercare – to ensure clients reap all the benefits associated with their Bendac display.


The Bendac Group is comprised of a group of subsidiaries, dedicated to providing quality design, products, installation, service and support across our customer base:


Bendac LED

Bendac Solutions

Bendac Creative

Bendac Support



So, lets break it down, get into the fundamentals and introduce you to the The Bendac Group! 



Bendac LED:


The main event- Bendac LED are the brains behind the research, design, engineering and contract manufacturing operations of the group. From conceptual design and planning through to installation and commissioning, our UK-based employees and management teams – inclusive of engineers, designers, LED technicians, project management and creative content wizards – work in synergy to create turnkey solutions that push the boundaries of visual technology. 


Just as every person is different, so is every LED project. Bendac LED offer a thorough, end to end service, designed to provide solutions perfectly suited to any requirements. With our leading, in-house design and engineering teams on hand to bring your ideas to life, Bendac LED are well placed to confidently deliver your projects, regardless of spec.


Bendac LED have always and will continue to support your vision from concept to completion, delivering products and solutions that stand the test of time. All Bendac displays support seamless screen building, picture-perfect quality and ease of maintenance – in addition to impeccable assistance from our after-care team – ultimately ensuring our clients have access to the best guidance from our panel of industry-leading LED experts.


Bendac Solutions:


The pioneering division of our business; Bendac Solutions is the bespoke solutions sector of The Bendac Group – focused on providing support and advice across a variety of ideas and concepts – whilst delivering exciting customisations that align with your objectivesIrrespective of the complexity or size of your project, Bendac Solutions provide a dedicated end-to-end service, supplying optimal solutions, meticulously designed to bring your LED concept to life.


The majority of our clients approach Bendac Solutions with large, complex turnkey projects, designed for – a sometimes seemingly unattainable – application. Through careful, customer-centric innovation, our team of professionals’ work in unison with our contracted factory to and deliver a picture-perfect solution for your project brief. No project is too large (or too small!) for our dedicated technical support engineers, project managers, sales and marketing employees, who are on hand to guide you through the process of designing and developing customised LED solutions for you and your company. With our far-reaching industry knowledge, Bendac make the impossible, possible.


Bendac Creative:


Moving away from solutions and LED, The Bendac Group also provide a range of tailored creative content packages suited to any of our displays.  


At Bendac Creative, we help people tell their stories. Regardless of the direction, your narrative may take – our in-house team of highly skilled content creators are available with a range of stunning digital graphics designed to fulfil your brief. From animation and videography to graphic design, Bendac Creative is all about enhancing your display with fresh, awe-inspiring content – we want to excite and energise your viewers – and leave a lasting impression on consumers across the globe.    

The guys at Bendac Creative apply their expertise across a variety of projects, furthering their vast knowledge base, whilst creating eye-catching creative assets to suit your design specifications. We pride ourselves on delivering human-focused creative solutions with a global impact. Bendacs’ creative team will build a strategy, create content and provide exciting and impactful content – ensuring you get the most out of your digital assets – whilst maximising your company’s potential across an assortment of diverse environments.

Bendac Support:

Bendac Support does what it says on the tin! A UK-based, 24/7 support service consisting of a team of fully accredited support and service engineers, Bendac Support are available to provide advice across a vast variety of topics. 24/7 means exactly that, available to our clients, every hour of every day, across multiple time zones in the USA, Europe and Asia.

We offer a diverse range of service packages (SLAs) to suit every need – from extended warranties and product servicing through to on-site support. Our experienced engineers are fully acquainted with Bendac Group products and on hand to provide you clear, reliable support for your display, regardless of the situation or location.

At Bendac, customer support is an integral part of our process- you can rely on the dependability of our customer services team to provide you with incredible support throughout the life of your Bendac display


Perhaps the most enduring and successful part of The Bendac Group is our long-term partnership with infiLED EM international, which continues to grow from strength to strength.


Simply put: infiLED EM acts as Bendacs official distributor – providing products for the European and Middle Eastern market. UK-based Bendac Group deliver exciting, turnkey LED solutions to clients, whilst infiLED provide the actual hardware in the form of displays and components.


infiLED EM provide quality, industry-leading products for both rental and fixed market- applicable to a wide variety of purposes. The partnership with Bendac Group has not only transformed the way businesses communicate but also boosted the potential of a wealth of companies across the globe. Customer satisfaction and exciting innovation is the end goal for both Bendac Group and infiLED and with this cohesive partnership, the future of bespoke, state-of-the-art LED technology looks bright.



The Bendac Group is a well-positioned, customer focused LED specialist organisation, in terms of not only business but design, innovation, manufacturing, installation and the creation of creative assets. Our strategic structure has allowed Bendac to heavily invest in the pursuit of a wide variety initiatives which benefit our ever-expanding client base, and in turn has enabled us to excel as not only an LED specialist company but as an innovators of custom visualisation.


The Bendac Group does not compromise on quality. All of our solutions are comprised of only the best components- which we design, spec and procure at our factory. Our installations are designed and built with resilience in mind, ensuring our entire LED product range is durable and made to last.


For Bendac, our success stems from breaking down conventional boundaries and exploring new techniques, whilst maintaining the impeccable quality of our LED solutions. We take our role seriously and share openly throughout the industry, to help pave the way for others to follow our lead. Bendac is a family and we treat our employees, suppliers and customers, as part of the family- it’s the way we do business.

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