Bendac supports TedxBath 2021

The Bendac group were thrilled to recommence our role as Event Partner for the TEDxBath talk hosted at Bath Spa University on 18th and 19th November 2021. The two-day hybrid event, Inter-Connected 2021, focused on a variety of poignant talks, discussions, interactive workshops and Q&As, provided by a selection of diverse speakers from unique backgrounds – from within the city as well as beyond.  

TEDxBath is an independent, not-for-profit part of the global TED organisation with the aim of sharing ideas relating to the local Bath community. TedxBath’s mission is to kick start a new and inclusive conversation about the future of Baths community and city, inviting people from all background and walks of life to join them in exploring the outcomes of these discussions.

The event – postponed last year due to national lockdown and covid restrictions- was available for select ticket-holding attendees and featured a mix of live and pre-recorded talks made possible by support from the Bendac Group. The set up allowed the audience to actively engage with speakers and sponsors, furthering TEDxBath’s mission to provide a vehicle for positive change by exploring and share issues and ideas related to not only the global but also local community as a whole.

As event sponsors, Bendac provided the use of a 1.2mm U-FOLD display as a means of delivering visual aids and showcasing content specific to the speakers’ topics. Specifically designed by our dedicated team, the U-FOLD is based on Bendacs Krystl LED range, with an additional folding, mobile frame solution to give this market-leading display the capacity to move around buildings with ease.

Utilising ultra-fold technology alongside a super slim, exceptionally smart design, Bendacs U-FOLD can be transported and stored easily. Compatible across all iOS, Android and Windows-based platforms, the U-FOLD also features a number of connection and casting options – as well as a remote control – making it the perfect plug in and play application for clients requiring incredible displays alongside ultimate portability.  

With a 1.2mm pixel pitch designed to produce rich, bold visuals and high resolution images, the U-FOLD also features a refresh rate of 1920hz to ensure smooth, uninterrupted content and pictures. Featured alongside an extra-wide, 160/160 viewing angle and 600nit brightness, this screen solidifies itself as the ultimate choice for event and meeting room display solutions.

As always, the Bendac Group are eager to provide convenient and practical strategies to companies as they strive to deliver opportunities to the local community. Highlighting the variety of projects that Bendac’s innovative, human-focused solutions can be applied to, the provision of Bendacs U-FOLD display will benefit not only Bendac and TedxBath, but also the local Bath community as a whole.

The Bendac Group are extremely excited to sponsor TedxBath’s fantastic initiative and are looking forward to supporting the team, as well as the local community in their endeavours and achievements well into the future.

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