Bendac Debuts E-sports

The Bendac Group are thrilled to announce the debut of an exciting new initiative that the team has been working on over the last couple of months – E-sports!

Working alongside leading experts in workflow system design, Altered Images, who focus primarily on providing technology for the broadcast, television production, and corporate communications industry, Bendac hosted the highly anticipated, E-sports FIFA match at the popular Bendac Presents: Europes Innovators of AV Tech event at AFC Wimbledon this year.

E-sports takes the form of organised, multiplayer video game competitions, either individually or as part of a team. Players compete against each other- usually for a cash prize – in tournaments hosted by game developers, major media networks, traditional sports leagues, and online streaming sites. Functionally the same as traditional sports, skilled athletes challenge each other for the top spot in their game of choice. However, E-sports differs from conventional sport in that it allows for more accessibility – both in terms of location and inclusivity – allowing people from across the globe to interact with each other, either as players or as viewers.

Hosted on AFC Wimbledon’s newly installed, Bendac designed 2.5mm – Full HD – 5m x 3m, pro-broadcasting standard Krystl LED display, the set up utilised an XBOX alongside a variety of Marshall, Block, PTZ and miniature cameras as well as a NEWTEK NDI camera -supplied by Altered Images. The team fed the stream into a Tricaster (TC2 Elite) with a 2-Stripe control surface and a Newtek Spark IO to loop HDMI for the gamers and generate an NDI copy over the LAN for live ingest into the Tricaster. This system allowed Bendac and Altered Images to produce a live stream to the room’s main display, giving event partners and attendees the opportunity to challenge AFC Wimbledon’s first team to a couple of friendly FIFA matches whilst the event guests observed.

Bendac’s E-sports demonstration was designed to entertain, immerse, and thrill both players and viewers, whilst providing a novel opportunity to unite people from a diverse range of backgrounds with a common interest. For more information on both the display and camera equipment used to achieve the e-sport results at the event, see the bottom of this article.

At the Bendac Group, innovation is integral to our success, and we pride ourselves in designing and developing industry-leading solutions to address and overcome industry-wide issues. Our highly popular E-sports initiative centres on the vast range of projects that Bendac’s innovative, human-focused solutions can be applied to, and we look forward to pursuing more exciting projects in the near future.

Krystl Display –

Marshall CV420-18X 4K Block Camera over 12G SDI –

Marshall CV605 HD PTZ Camera over 3G-SDI –

Marshall CV568 – HD Miniature Camera over 3G-SDI –

Newtek Tricaster (TC2 Elite) with 2-Stripe Control Surface –

Newtek Spark IO –

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