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Motion Graphics Designer
Motion Graphics Designer

Following an amazing display of AV tech and content at ISE Barcelona 2023, BOCC Studio caught up with ‘Pearls’ designer Michael Goodyear on his thoughts and reflections of his work.

‘Pearls’ by Michael Goodyear

Can you introduce your work?

I called it ‘Pearls’, it’s a textural design, a rippling platform of spheres with a variation of lighting. It has a few different distances and camera angles. I wanted the viewer to see them nice and close and feel like they are in amongst them.

What were your thoughts behind making this piece?

The big challenge for the B-Tech stand at ISE was the three different LED screens. All at different pixel pitches and resolutions. They had gaps between them too which added more complexity. I wanted to make something that was considerate to the stand and was complimentary. Having motion that was spread across the whole width including the gaps was a key part of the brief.

In the content I mapped out the gaps and ensured the motion took these into account. Pearls was all about making a pleasant on-stand experience with no two screens playing the same thing. Also maintaining the perspective size of the pearls even though they spread over three different resolutions. It was a puzzle for sure.

How do you think your artwork went down at the show?

I think it went down great! Its always nice to see your work on screen and in application, there is something about LED which takes it to another level. The effect worked well, and the pearls appeared to wrap around the stand which was what I was hoping. B-Tech really liked it, and I received some great comments, especially how on-stand interest and draw was higher than expected as they haven’t in the past had so much working LED displayed.

Together along with Luke and Sophie’s work, we made a proper varied pack of great visuals. I would like to say it was this effort that increased the stands draw, but the B-Tech stand is a beautiful construction. I am just glad people liked it.

Be sure to check back next week as we take a look at the 2nd piece in the series, ‘Cosmos’. 

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