BOCC Studio Design Insight – ‘Cosmos’

Motion Graphics Designer
Motion Graphics Designer

‘Cosmos’ by Luke Fulgoni

Can you introduce your work?

Cosmos features three different planets slowly spinning in space with a colourful background and twinkling stars. Designed with the stand inmind the content plays out so the three screens would eventually have a planet positioned on each of them. Making use of perspective, a camera pivot slowly reveals them as they move across. Each planet has its own individual design and isn’t based off the solar system. 

What were your thoughts behind making this piece?

The brief was to create something that was colourful and mesmerising at 60 fps while still having creative freedom. Using a dark coloured background created a great focal point for the planets and made them really pop! This was a big part of my piece throughout the creative process. I wanted to push my limits and create something I knew was possible within the timeframe. It was a challenge to produce, something that not only fits the brief and catch eyes but also be something that fits within my interest. 

How do you think your artwork went down at the show?

I feel my work went down well at the show, it showed off the screens and their capabilities. It was great to see them on and in person, it looked even better than I had hoped. It could be seen from far away due to its variation of bright colours. I noticed at the show, some of the colours didn’t look the same as I expected. This was down to how vivid LED recreates colours! Just something that needs consideration.  

Be sure to check back next week as we take a look at the 3rd piece in the series, ‘Kinetic Type’. 

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