BOCC Studio Design Insight – ‘Kinetic Type’

Motion Graphics Designer
Motion Graphics Designer

‘Kinetic Type’ by Sophie Marshall

Can you introduce your work?

With intention to show the benefits of LED within retail, this piece is a collection of kinetic typography compositions that aim to present varying retail marketing solutions. I explored freely the ways of utilising certain retail buzzwords to design a compilation that would be eye catching, modern but also pushes boundaries within typography.

What were your thoughts behind making this piece?

My intentions were straightforward, I wanted to explore and experiment but most importantly ensure legibility of the design while making it hit the right audience. Since this was intended for retail screens, I looked at big fast fashion companies such as ASOS and JD Sport, who extensively use sale campaigns to keep their consumers coming back. When researching style, it became apparent that these companies all focus on remarkably similar ideas big, bright, bold, and modern. So, with that I wanted my designs to hit these focus points and have a similar effect.

Bendac LED Screen

How do you think your artwork went down at the show?

The screen was situated on the other side of the stand amongst other LCD screens. This area was designed to mimic a shop window, for added effect they were displayed behind a glass pane and on motors. The style of my work differed from the neighbouring content, in comparison the others contained a lot more imagery and softer colour combinations. Using kinetic typography gave the messages more impact making them stand out from the other screens.

With the location of the screen and how it was presented, I would like to think it reflected my intentions and utilised the LED to its full potential. Throughout the event it caught the attention of passers-by, which for me is a positive.

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