Product Launch: Krystl 2.0

Krystl 2.0: The Next Generation LED Display

Following the success of the Original Krystl range, the Krystl 2.0 model is set to revolutionise LED display technology with significant enhancements to the chassis and technology architecture.

At an edge thickness of just 19mm, the Krystl 2.0 is the thinnest LED cabinet available in the market, allowing LED videowalls to be even closer to the wall than ever before.

The Krystl 2.0 boasts Power and Data redundancy options, ensuring that operational downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, providing a reliable product that customers can count on when it counts.

Designed with customisation in mind, the Krystl 2.0 offers customers the ability to choose from a range of diode package options, including Copper and Gold wire diodes, giving customers complete control in specifying their videowall.

“We are excited to introduce the Krystl 2.0, which is set to redefine LED display technology,” said Ben Da Costa, MD & Co-Founder of Bendac. “With its sleek design, advanced features, and customisation options, we are confident it will meet the needs of customers looking for a reliable and cutting-edge LED display solution.”

For more information on the Krystl 2.0, please contact us: [email protected] or visit: 

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