Behind the Design: The Corporate Concept

This week, we sat down with our in-house Environment Artist, Luke Fulgoni, to discuss his process when creating our digital concepts.

When creating your concepts, how do you prepare for the task?

“My main form of preparation is always to research the existing industry of the environment I am creating. It’s important to have a base in reality to ensure that the concept is realistic.”

Why is it important to create a digital environment to visualise a client’s space?

“Creating a detailed concept helps to give the client a better idea (of the space) and how to implement LED into their own space. Providing an in-depth and clear example gives clients an effective preview of what we can do.”

What are the key stages when completing a concept?

“Gathering references is always an important first step to ensure your own design has a basis in reality. Following this, a basic block out is important to get a visual idea of how the scene will look. This is followed by the scene being pulled together by the modelling, texturing, and lighting. You then have to render out the video to be cut together into a fully-fledged concept piece.”

What is your favourite stage of the process?

“My favourite stage is definitely the modelling and texturing as this is when everything really starts coming together. This gvies you a visual reference on how the scene will look when it is in its finished state.”

“I’m not a fan of the rendering though!”

How do Bendac’s concepts deliver value to our clients?

“The concepts produced deliver a visual reference into how LED can improve their space and how it can be used for a multitude of applications.”

From office spaces to full scale stadia, we provide highly detailed concepts for your LED projects. Get in touch today to discover how Bendac can make your next project a standout one.

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