The Benefits of Virtual Production

The Benefits of Virtual Production
We live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving. Being ahead-of-the-curve has never been more important when looking to get ahead of your competition.

Creating video content is a massive part of strategy in today’s business operations, but not every company can afford to go on-location to film exciting videos for their campaigns, productions, or product launches. This is where Virtual Production can be a game-changer. 

Virtual Production, or VP, is a technology which has revolutionised the way in which video content can be created. By designing environments for an LED wall, authentic scenes can be created and used for the relevant purpose of the user. For example, we have utilised our in-house demo studio for multiple projects, such as our Bendac XR Advert and Bath Rugby’s 2022/23 Kit Launch

Bath Rugby 2022/23 Kit launch at Bendac's Virtual Production studio

Bendac’s Full Turnkey Solution is a one-stop solution for Virtual Production. It includes everything from concept designs and planning to final delivery and servicing. We even have an environment designer who can support your creative vision. It is a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of Virtual Production, such as LED design, camera and camera tracking, lighting, sound, and processing. 

Being able to provide a Virtual Production studio for partners, such as Bath Rugby, Gloucester Rugby, and Western Storm to enhance their digital content offering through the use of XR is something we here at Bendac are incredibly passionate about. 

Our powerful and market-leading LED displays enable us to create first-class content for our clients. This guarantees that their campaigns are polished to the highest standard. Due to the applications of Virtual production evolving on a regular basis, here at Bendac, we ensure that we are too. 

If you are interested in how Virtual Production could make a difference to your business, why not book a demo and see the studio for yourself? Get in touch with one of our team through [email protected] and turn your vision into (virtual) reality. 

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