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Get to know a few of the latest additions to the Bendac team!

We have been fortunate to welcome a number of new starters to Bendac over the last few weeks and months. We sat down with a few of the latest additions to the team to discuss their first few weeks/months with the team, their favourite part about their new role, and discovering a few interesting stories along the way…

Dave Parker – Operations Manager

How have you found working at Bendac over the last few months?

“Since working at Bendac I have been given the freedom to put a stamp on all Operations related matters, where in other roles I have had to jump through hoops for a simple solution to any issues. This has been a very refreshing way of working and above all it delivers results in a timely manner with our clients and staff at the forefront of all my decisions.”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“At Bendac we truly have an open-door policy in all departments. Everyone is always there to offer advice and guidance if needed, so it has made my role transition seamless. I also enjoyed organising the first aid training for the staff who all learnt and enjoyed the course and are now prepared to deal with injuries in the event of any accidents.”

“Any hidden talents?”

“If you are keen eyed, you will see me as an extra in the Netflix series The Diplomat at the funeral scene in episode one. I might add I’m in the Naval Uniform as an officer in that scene, but don’t hold that against this former soldier!”

Jake Shaw – Demand Generation Specialist

How have you found working at Bendac over the last few weeks?

“The first few weeks have been really exciting. I’m operating in a lot of new spheres and sectors which is great! My previous experience has all been based around networking, and this role will be the same. It’s all about building up a network of progressive and tech-savvy professionals from different industries, so my first few weeks have been about starting new conversations and getting going!”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to see some Bendac products in their natural habitat, visiting Sophia Gardens and Stamford Bridge. Both venues utilised their screens perfectly, really capturing the fans’ attention and increasing engagement!”

“What’s your best story?”

“I like adventure! I once got bored of the UK that I booked a 6-week trip to Australia… three days before the plane left! The only downside was that it was winter down under while the UK was experiencing one of the best summers in history. I saw England get knocked out of the 2018 World Cup semi finals at 3am on a dodgy internet stream… should have stayed in bed!”

David Bright – Head of Sports and Leisure

How have you found working at Bendac over the last few weeks?

“The first few weeks have flown by! It’s been a balance of learning new things, some training and then reaching out to people to get the role up and running, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve now got a longer drive, so I’m listening to more in the mornings and then getting more music fix on the way home! I’ve had some really good conversations already and am looking forward to the weeks ahead.”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“I don’t think I can say lunchtime ping pong! So let’s say working with the new team, it has been great spending time with them, learning more about everyone and seeing some old faces more than I ever have. We have so many great people here across the departments and just stopping and having a five minute chat gives you chance to learn more about what they do and who they are.”

“Tell us something we wouldn’t know!”

“I used to be a Professional Golfer! Although I didn’t get to play tournament golf, I actually won my one and only competition on a driving range, in a TopGolf tournament at Addlestone in Surrey. What makes it even better, was that I beat European Tour player Oliver Wilson, who actually presented me with my winners cheque.”

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