Welcome to Bendac! – Week Two

Following last week's announcements, we have more new faces to introduce...

Following on from last week’s new starter announcements we thought to bring you even more of our latest new starters! Get to know the latest additions to the Bendac team below…

Monika Sullivan – Finance Manager

How have you found working at Bendac over the last few months?

“Bendac is a vibrant and innovative place to work. Everyone is very accommodating and people have diverse backgrounds and experiences. This is a highly skilled and supportive business both inside and outside the organisation. The projects at Bendac are always very exciting. They push me professionally and personally as I develop further my technical, leadership and soft skills. Bendac’s management team also encourages and empowers me to do my best. Finally, the business really do promote a healthy work-life balance.”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“Along with immense professionalism and positivism, Bendac‘s workplace spirit is one of warmth. The business feels like a family and I feel blessed to be part of it.”

“Any funny stories?”

“I’ve been taking the same driving route to and from work every day for the last four months using a navigation system. Recently on my way back home I went shopping and when I finished, I hopped in the car and pressed ‘home’ in maps. After reaching the end of my route, I appeared back at Bendac!”

Jack McIntyre – Motion Graphics Designer

How have you found working at Bendac during your first few weeks?

“My start at Bendac has been a tad challenging due to health issues but the team have been incredibly accommodating and really supported me through some tough days for which I’m hugely grateful! The projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on have continued to test my creative capabilities and I look forward to further development and growth within the company.”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“Favourite thing about working at Bendac so far has definitely been the high intensity lunch break ping-pong matches. Oh, and can’t forget about Coco the resident dog who barks at everyone all day – legend.”

“What’s your best story?”

“I was once a drummer for a steel pan band in primary school, which is where my love of music must come from. I’ve also created a few pieces of music, not in the same band!”

Kurtis Betteridge – Social Media & Marketing Executive

How have you found working at Bendac over the last few months?

“It has been amazing! Since joining the team in June I have been able to experience so many different parts of what Bendac are about. From attending exciting events two weeks in to releasing important announcements about big changes taking place internally, the time has gone by so quickly. I have also thoroughly enjoyed having a level of responsibility over the content we create, but also having the freedom to contribute ideas and evolve my creative approach.”

“What is your favourite thing about working at Bendac?”

“I’d have to say the team environment. Everyone at Bendac is genuinely fantastic and there’s a real feeling of togetherness and being a solid team in the building.”

“The lunchtime ping-pong is alright too I guess…”

“Tell us something we wouldn’t know!”

“As part of an initiation for my local football club, I had to do karaoke on the team bus during the trip back from our second game of the season… ‘Crashed the Wedding’ by Busted went down a treat following a 3-1 win!”

Reach out to any of our team today to discuss how Bendac’s LED solutions could make a difference to your business.

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