The Advantages of Corporate LED

At Bendac, we believe that LED can make a difference to all businesses.

We have supplied our LED solutions across a wide range of industries and find that the corporate environment is one which the benefits of installing the technology can be felt on a direct level. Today, we look at the benefits of LED in the corporate space and how you can maximise the ROI on your LED installation.

By utilising LED displays in the workplace, your business can grow through goal progress and other dashboards being readily available throughout your building. LED displays are a fantastic way of presenting key information to your staff and colleagues, enabling them to see the tasks which are required, their level of importance, and any timeframes which are relevant to the tasks. By having this information readily available, your team will be engaged with the relevant tasks, and productivity will increase as the right objectives are being focused on.

A virtual dashboard on display at one of Bendac’s corporate installations.

A recent study by Gallup found that only 13% of employees in the UK feel engaged while at work, placing the country 33rd on a 38-country list…

Bendac’s LED solutions cover much more than hosting dashboards as we deliver bespoke meeting room screens designed to provide a clear picture for those all-important conference calls and client meetings. Our bespoke LED displays, such as our U-Fold, also provide businesses with opportunities to take presentations to wider audiences. With our U-Fold’s portability and casting options, we recently assisted Gloucester Rugby with the delivery of their 4Ed High Performance Conference content, assisting them with a successful event.

Bendac’s U-Fold LED Display in use at Gloucester Rugby’s 4Ed High Performance Conference

Another core benefit of utilising LED technology in a corporate environment is the energy efficiency. This comes from the replacement of old technology to install sustainable alternatives for your business. Our LED displays are built with environmental responsibility in mind, ensuring that their average power consumption isn’t just good for you, but is good for the planet. By switching your old display technology for our LED screens, you can make positive changes to your company’s sustainability policies, and act responsibly to help the environment.

LED also creates opportunities from a branding and marketing perspective. When welcoming clients and prospects, the right first impression is important. LED displays provide an opportunity to make a statement by displaying personalised and tailored content for any visitors to your business. This provides a ‘wow’ factor which doesn’t come with a standard LCD screen and can lead to an early ice breaker in discussion.

We understand that your LED project is unique to your requirements. Whether you require a traditional 16:9 display, or something more bespoke, Bendac have the experience to create, install, and maintain the perfect solution for your business.

Get in touch with one of our expert team today to gain an insight into what we do, how we do it, and what your business is missing.

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