From our UK headquarters located in the West of England, Bendac design and deliver complex LED projects, boasting installation solutions in over 20 countries. All managed by our team of industry leading LED Engineers and Project Managers, we at Bendac provide solutions that enhance your world through LED.

Bendac Group maintain that passion and enthusiasm are the keystone of achieving the highest standards across the industry. From innovation to performance, we continually work to ensure both the progression and achievement of LED industry leading standards. Bendac believe in communication and the encouragement of an energised and focused mindset and are proud that our business is driven by motivated and ambitious individuals

Our team are ideally positioned to work closely with our clients, offering 24/7 UK support from concept to completion of their LED project. All of our staff- from the technical support team to the marketing and creative sector- are on hand to assist and support you in creating a LED solution that best suits you.

At Bendac, we pride ourselves in being innovators of technology. Our vast selection of LED products- suitable for wide variety of applications and environments- are exhibited across the world via our extensive client base. Bendacs LED solutions are comprised of only the best components- sourced from our trusted LED suppliers- marking us as a top competitor in the industry. All of our LED installations are designed and built with resilience in mind, ensuring our entire LED product range is durable and made to last.

Ethics are extremely important to us. At Bendac, we care for the people who create and build our products, guaranteeing that every member of our supply chain is treated with respect. We make certain we provide only the highest quality conditions- from fair working hours to a workplace free of discrimination- holding ourselves and our suppliers responsible for the deliverance of excellence at every level.

For Bendac, our success stems from breaking down conventional boundaries and exploring new techniques all whilst maintaining impeccable quality of our LED solutions. We take our role seriously and share openly throughout the industry, in order to pave the way for others to follow our lead.

Superiority is an integral part of Bendacs ethos, and we strive to ensure our product and practice exemplify this. Research, innovation and invention are the bones of Bendac, with design, talent and technology its beating heart.

We keep raising our standards and the industry’s, too.