About us

The  Bendac  Group maintain that passion and enthusiasm are the keystone for achieving the highest standards across the industry. Innovation and invention are the bones of Bendac, with design, talent, and technology its beating heart.  We  work tirelessly to ensure both the progression and achievement of LED industry leading standards.  

Our core values:

Human-centric and value everyone in our community.

Honest in providing our customers with the RIGHT solutions.

Pioneers and Innovators that push the boundaries of  visual technology.

Here at  Bendac, we pride ourselves in being innovators of technology, providing  a full turnkey  solution  that enhances your world through LED. Our vast selection of LED display products  are  suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments. From conceptual design and planning, through to installation and commissioning, our expert teams work in unison to create turnkey solutions that push the boundaries of visual technology. 

Our  LED installations are designed and built with resilience in mind, ensuring our entire product range is durable and made to last.  Bendac  displays support seamless screen building, picture-perfect quality, and ease of mind maintenance – in addition to impeccable assistance from our in-house after-care team.