From our UK headquarters located in the West of England, we are designing and delivering complex LED projects and have installed solutions in over 20 countries. All managed by our team of industry leading LED Engineers and Project Managers.

We are ideally positioned to work closely with our clients, supported by wrap-around technical support from concept to completion, as well as full service maintenance and support for all clients, on all projects, twenty-four seven. In addition to providing our First-Class service, our dedicated Marketing and Creative team can assist you to create a full library of custom marketing collateral and content best suited to you.

We, the Bendac Group are a family and have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do, enabling us to achieve the highest standards of performance and innovation we have set for ourselves. We believe that people who are focused, internally motivated and energised by what they do, spread their enthusiasm to others. 

We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to ensure that everyone within our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect, we care deeply about the people who build our products, and the planet we all share. We share our work openly so others can follow our lead. From day one, we have ensured our suppliers and employees have had fair working hours, a safe workplace, and an environment free from discrimination.

Excellence is our way of life. We pursue excellence in everything we do. It has always been an integral part of our business and we ensure our products, people, practices and leadership exemplify this. Research, innovation and invention are the essence of our company. We ensure we combine a perfect balance of design, talent and technology to create an impeccable quality that sets new benchmarks in redefining digital solutions. Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas breaking conventional boundaries.

We keep raising our standards and the industry’s, too.