Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby is a prominent premiership team both in and out of the city, boasting a long list of achievements as well as a huge fan base. Having evolved with social and technological progress over the years, the squad have adapted and developed training methods in order to enhance their performance both on and off the pitch.

With new developments surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bath Rugby coaching department contacted The Bendac Group for assistance with overcoming a range of tricky challenges. The club required a solution to social distancing restrictions placed on team meetings as well as indoor training, stipulating the need to utilise new, advanced display technology to contend with the disruption to traditional methods.  

The team at Bendac devised the perfect solution for the Clubs difficulties: the supply and installation of a 4m x 2m screen at the Clubs Farleigh House training pitch. Created using Bendac Dura LED panels- the go to range for all large format installations- the screen is an easy-to-handle outdoor application, boasting brilliant brightness and a rich picture. Capable of exhibiting clear, fast paced content regardless of weather conditions, the Dura was an ideal solution to Baths dilemma.

For Bath Rugby, the results of the installation were almost instant: team meetings and training sessions could be resumed, whilst ensuring accordance with social distancing restrictions and maintaining the safety of the players.   

Stuart Hooper, Director of Rugby shares his thoughts regarding the impact the screen has had on the team:

“First and foremost, with the challenges of COVID, having an outdoor screen like this allows us to hold socially distanced team meetings and not disrupt our standard procedures too much. It is evolutionary on the way we review and analyse what we’re doing in training”

The implementation of a large, weather-resistant screen in close vicinity to the pitch has enabled the team to pursue a new practical training methodology and in turn has provided a huge benefit to the players in terms of learning and training.  

In addition to allowing for safe, pitchside meetings, the proximity of the screen has led to significant growth in terms of training technique. A pitch-side screen permits the team to utilise on- hand, real-time video analysis- perfect for providing information directly to players- and in turn, maintaining the momentum and flow of sessions. This, coupled with the sheer size of the Dura screen, speeds up the arrangement of tactics for the game as well as providing an easy transition from theory to practical plays during practice, encouraging the ability to learn in the moment, as well as being an ultimate time-saver.

Bath Rugby’s head performance Analyst- Dan Cooper, shares his insight into how the screen has benefited his team:

“We can provide information directly to the players during the training session, whether that be through scheduled breaks or immediate feedback during different training scenarios. The pure size of the screen means that we no longer have to leave the pitch environment to take in video feedback. This has been a great benefit to us, as it keeps the flow and momentum of a session intact.”

Going forwards- regardless of Covid-19- The Bath Rugby Team will continue to use the screen to support the team, review meetings and preview instant video analysis of plays and tactics. The screen has had a large positive impact in all areas of the training and meeting process for coaches, analysts and players alike. The use of Bendacs expertise in display technology has allowed for ease of communication between team members and enriched old methods of training. Boasting exciting, modern technology, the Dura can be used with other means of video technology, such as drone footage, further enhancing the boundless abilities of utilising Bendacs expansive range of LED screens.

We at The Bendac Group pride ourselves in providing expert solutions for our partners. With a combination of organised project management and marketing teams and our skilled engineers, Bendac creates bespoke, visually exciting displays that can be used over a variety of applications. We at Bendac have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Bath Rugby and will continue to provide our expertise in our future endeavours.