Bridge Project


Case Study: The Bridge Project
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Size: 34.56m x 8.064m (per side) 

Situated in Saudi Arabia’s bustling capital of Riyadh- almost 4000 miles from infiLED EM International headquarters in Melksham, UK- stands the King Fahad Bridge LED display- the flagship commercial LED project for outdoor advertisement giant, Al Arabia’s market leading portfolio.

Al Arabia- forerunners in outdoor advertisement in the Middle East- are a company who turn their visions into reality. With the objective of utilising and developing the latest technology in global marketing, their mission focuses on not only providing world class advertising but also improving urban aesthetics whilst showcasing city identities

Consistently evolving with technological advancements, Al Arabia boasts an abundance of experience in the advertisement industry, gained from key roles in a number of high-profile projects. Directing their attention to the next big project, Al Arabia’s grand plans to design and install the largest, back-to-back LED advertisement in the world, would require the highest quality equipment alongside the enlistment of an experienced and extremely focused AV team.

Facing tough competition from a wealth of world leading LED manufactures, infiLED are extremely proud to have attained the opportunity to work alongside Al Arabia in providing and installing the iconic King Fahad Bridge display.

Our largest scale project on foreign soil to date, infiLED’s team of dedicated professionals devised perfect design specifications over eighteen months, with the installation of the massive project envisioned by Al Arabia taking a mere 10 days, thanks to the incredible efficiency of all in involved.

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Positioned over the main highway through the city, The King Fahad Bridge project is a 560sqm, double sided fixed installation using infiLEDs unparalleled GM screen alongside bespoke framework designed and manufactured by Sign World.  

Arguably the top choice of all of infiLED’s screens, the GM provides a luxurious viewing experience- ideal for outdoor media broadcasting applications. Equipped with industry leading componentry, the GM is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient display, capable of all features across the infiLED product range.


Featuring an incredibly rich and vivid picture, the GM goes on to boasts exceptionally high brightness and contrast -over 5000 nits- perfect for overcoming harsh lighting situations such as that encountered in Saudis severe desert environment as well as aiding in producing dazzling, eye catching displays even from a distance

The GM is robust and resilient without compromising on its simple, yet elegant structure- ideal for tackling unpredictable climates. With front and rear serviceable cabinets, it includes an intelligent monitoring system to manage heat dissipation as well as seamless screen building, enabling ease of maintenance for engineers- especially important given the daunting size, height and positioning of the structure.

Despite the rapid efficiency of the project, there were -as to be expected with an application of this scale- many challenges to overcome when installing the display.

With the installation of the Bridge display being in Saudi Arabia, the obvious hurdle for the team was the heat, though this is closely followed by not only the sheer size but also the logistics of installing a screen of this scale in the middle of a busy capital city.

Carried out in August- the height of summer- our engineers faced a myriad of climate and weather trials. With temperatures reaching an unbearable 45 degrees in the day, in addition to harsh, abrasive elements and bulky PPE, the team were forced to find alternatives by working through the slightly cooler (31 degree) nights.

The weather also provided a wealth of design challenges, with the need for modifications to built-in heat dissipation units- to encourage the displays to cool at a quicker rate- as well as a fully customised shader pack- to prevent from sand ingress- in response to the reoccurring sandstorms and unbearably dry heat associated with the desert region.

With the structure spanning a very busy, 6 lane highway, the GM cabinets extremely heavy and its components equally as bulky, InfiLEDs team were reliant on the expertise of engineers from Al Arabia and Sign World, as well as crane hire companies, traffic management and local councils in order to complete the installation.

In response to the limited space on a roadside site, a plethora of accommodations were made: an offsite team tirelessly built sections of the mammoth display in a nearby warehouse, transporting them onsite to infiLED engineers; permission was gained and despite immense disruption and the highway was closed- one lane at a time- over the course of a few days; and a crane crew was bought in to lift eighteen tonnes of LED screen -8064m- to the team waiting on the framework above.

Despite the challenges faced during installation, the King Fahad Bridge display was installed without any lasting complications. A testament to the months of design, quality of the product and internal processes competed by the infiLED team, the Bridge project is an incredibly successful key milestone for infiLED as a company as well as a personal achievement for all involved.


The partnership between Al Arabia and infiLED EM has achieved a vast and stunning LED display, viewed by thousands of people daily. 35m x 8m on both sides the structure is as bold and magnificent as its royal name suggests and the team at infiLED are extremely honoured to have played such a defining role in its creation and assembly.


We at infiLED are consistently looking for new projects to provide expertise and incredible results. Successfully delivering a project of this scale in the face of adversity, reinforces our confidence in our talented team and quality of our products as well instilling further drive and excitement to provide intelligent solutions in the near future.