Bristol Airport

Product type: S
Pixel pitch: 2.4mm
Size: 13.9m x 2.4m
Installation fact: Largest indoor display in Europe at the time of commissioning 

In 2016, infiLED completed an award-winning LED display installation at Bristol Airport, as part of their digitalisation process within a £24m development with our S2.4mm pixel pitch product, assembled in a 13.9 x 2.4m digital wall, this product series shows it’s quality and adaptability as a display solution. Seamlessly integrated into the physical space to create a captivating digital platform for the passenger experience. The finished display represents a seminal moment in infiLED history as our first installation. With the content creation from VISUALAB Media, on lookers are transported through various iconic locations from the surrounding area of the South-West as they pass through the airport. The display also incorporates live data to inform passengers about their flight information and destinations.

This application was recognised by the DOOH community when it won a ‘Reggie’ at the 6th Annual DailyDOOH Gala Awards in ‘Award for Best Transportation Installation’, and was further nominated for ‘Best Transport Project’ by InAVate at the InAVation Awards 2017. This appreciation represents tangible recognition for the outstanding project completed by the infiLED team. As Head of Innovation at Bristol Airport at the time, Kevin Borley played a major role in the progress and success of this install: “The nature of the technology that were looking to deploy needed to provide high-definition content…at a cost and at a quality where everybody felt comfortable, but also working with a supplier that had product that was going to last the test of time. I believe we ended up with that solution with infiLED. Everybody was blown away by the quality, and the reviews that we’ve been having as an organisation, since we installed it, it has been quite remarkable”.

infiLED EM CEO David Da Costa commented: ‘the installation at Bristol Airport is remembered fondly by myself, Ben, and all the team here. It went a long way towards kick-starting our business and proving ourselves within the industry’. Despite the journey that the business has made since this project. This installation remains special for the infiLED team not only due to the industry recognition it garnered, but also its place in our history as the first major fixed install.