Glamorgan Cricket Club- Sophia Gardens

Representing the historic county of Glamorgan, Glamorgan CCC- based in Cardiff – are Wales’ only representative County Cricket Club. One of eighteen first-class county clubs within domestic cricket, the club boasts a long history of success on, as well as off the field, participating in a variety of top-level domestic competitions in England and Wales.

Continually producing and nurturing home-grown talent, Glamorgan CCC have enjoyed a host of triumphs in county championships and pride themselves on their unfaltering spirit. A community-focused club, Glamorgan CCC continue to push forwards with their development and ambition, encouraging and supporting club-wide victories, whilst making good on their motto to ‘Make Wales Proud’.

At Bendac Group, we are passionate about supporting the success of teams in the sporting sector. Having already worked on numerous stadia related projects, Bendacs skilled team were eager to assist Glamorgan CCC with their digital upgrade, designing and delivering several bespoke, outdoor displays ideal for the specified environment.

The Bendac Group fitted Sophia Gardens with a full turnkey solution, inclusive of a range of striking LED displays, designed to entertain and enrich the Glamorgan CCC experience. The project was vast, with the need for a variety of bold LED displays to be distributed across several types of application. Focusing largely on the location the screens would be installed – as well as considerations regarding product design specifications – the team at Bendac installed three state-of-the-art displays to support Glamorgan in their digitalisation project.  


Bendacs engineering team – headed up by delivery director, Sam Dron – facilitated the design, manufacture and installation of three LMKII screens – inclusive of ground and steelworks. The team erected a brand-new North screen, as well as the decommission and upgrade of the existing East and West screens at the 16,000-capacity stadium, as a means to upgrade viewing for fans and followers as well as providing a full upgrade of the AV facilities at Sophia Gardens.

An outstanding outdoor screen with a 10mm pixel pitch, the LMKII is a combination of the traditional LED screen and creative modern solutions. Highly resilient, with rich colours and vivid brightness, the LMKII is an intuitive screen capable of providing striking images regardless of weather conditions. The panels- which feature fast locks for quick and efficient assembly- are equipped with slim, die-cast aluminium housing, and the display itself is rear and front maintenance optional, aiding in ease of servicing. A robust and durable display – featuring seamless screen building and fantastic energy efficiency – the LMKII is an incredibly popular solution, guaranteed to provide an unrivalled viewing experience across a range of applications and environments.

In total, the Bendac engineering team installed an impressive 147.45sqm of display and 1,474,560 pixels across three screens at the stadium: the West screen – measuring in at 74.65sqm of display, with 745,496 pixels, the newly installed North screen coming in at 58.98sqm and 589,824 pixels and last but no means least, the East screen, measuring in at 13.82sqm with 138,240 pixels.


Exhibiting the true significance of full video displays in a stadium environment, all three displays have contributed to a variety of applications on site. Demonstrating a range of convenient features – from replays, key moment animations, match-day information and adverts – the screens added not only to fan excitement throughout the duration of play, but also to both the build-up and aftermath of the match.

Overall, the Bendac Group completed a full turnkey installation of three visually stunning displays to be utilised for advertisement, match information and replays. At Bendac, we ensure all our products feature state-of-the-art componentry and are manufactured to the highest industry standards, ultimately providing an unparalleled display capable of immersing viewers, regardless of content. 

Bendac, as always, are passionate about improving and enriching lives with our extensive products and services. Having delivered a project of exceptional quality at Sophia Gardens stadium, our talented team are eager to continue providing innovative and practical solutions whilst continuing our investment in sport and seeking new opportunities to refine the team’s expert skillset. Overall, the successful installation of a full turnkey project at Sophia Gardens stadium is a fantastic development for both organisations and we look forward to supporting Glamorgan well into the future.