Our products cover a wide range of potential applications and are considered to be of some of the highest quality in the industry. This is due to our continued use of only the finest components in the makeup of our cabinets and modules in our commitment to only provide the finest LED display solutions.

Designed by bendac


Creating indoor displays that are visually incredible, our Krystl series users the finest component parts to ensure it boasts high refresh rates, vibrant colours and seamless alignment. 


For those indoor installations that don’t require narrow pixel pitches, the Versa is on-hand to offer stunning visuals using high-quality components. 


For outdoor installations that need to endure the harshest conditions, our Dura range is up to the task! 


Giving sports venues the perimeter LED technology they need to thrive! Our Impakt series is highly robust and offers fantastic player safety, whilst providing high quality visuals for amazing advertising potential. 


Offering the chance to have a digital canvas as well as letting light in, our C-Thru range uses the latest LED mesh technology that is bright and lightweight. 


For narrow pixel pitch displays that need to be impact-resistant, the COBi uses the latest Chip-On-Board technology to ensure it is super-hardwearing. 


Flexible tile solution that enables created curves to be created in several high-resolution pixel pitches. 


The ultimate in Broadcast & Production LED display technology with industry leading performance ensuring our Elite series looks fantastic on-camera.