bristol airport

In 2016, Bendac completed an award-winning LED display installation at Bristol Airport, as part of their digitalisation process within a £24m development. It later won a ‘Reggie’ at the 6th Annual DailyDOOH Gala Awards in ‘Award for Best Transportation Installation’, and was further nominated for ‘Best Transport Project’ by InAVate at the InAVation Awards 2017.

Transportation destinations such as airports can benefit from Bendac LED Solutions in countless ways, including offering high footfall advertising opportunities, improving customer experience, elevating brand image and showcasing customisable visuals which increase engagement and impressions.

Be seen by millions

Utilise every square metre and introduce LED displays to otherwise transient spaces. Seen by millions, there are significant advertising opportunities available to you by harnessing the power of Bendac LED. 

There are over 5.5million pixels making up this stunning 34sqm LED display.

This was our first project in the transport sector to win an award.

In 2019, nearly 9 million passengers, staff, and visitors would have passed this LED screen whilst flying from Bristol Airport.

This was the largest indoor LED display in Europe at the time of commissioning.