In 2019, Bendac were approached by British Land to conceptualise how they could modernise their reception area at their London HQ using the very latest in LED display technology.

Having carried out an initial site survey it was clear that Narrow Pixel Pitch display technology was needed to ensure that the right impression was given to their visitors, as British Land use the very best in materials throughout their estate.

Bendac used the beautiful Krystl, 16:9 LED display, meaning that a high resolution was able to be achieved in a small area, thereby adding to the viewing spectacle of the installation and ensuring existing content could be used without distorting the visuals.

An electric welcome

Contact us to find out how digital displays can transform the corporate environment. From receptions to board rooms Bendac have the perfect LED solutions. 

Bendac were tasked with replacing an existing LCD Video Wall that was at its end of life and installing the new LED screen with a decorative surround.

This installation is a prime example of the benefits of LED vs LCD, by replacing an existing LCD Video Wall with a seamless LED Video Wall, meaning content can be seen as intended with no lines breaking up the image.

Our Krystl LED screen is every installers dream being constructed with an ultra-slim and lightweight die-cast aluminium frame, making it just 6:8kg, and a fully front- service design enables a quick module service in seconds.

LED can be purposed in countless ways in the corporate sector, from decorative installation such as this, to highly functional meeting and conference rooms.

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