What is DCI-P3?

What is DCI-P3 exactly? And why does it matter when choosing an LED tile?

Power-Saving in LED VP – Common Cathode LED

Power-saving in LED VP – Common Cathode LED Today there are some excellent initiatives and reports geared to reducing carbon emissions generated by cinematic and HETV production: The Green Production guide: greenproductionguide.com Albert: wearealbert.org UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability: https://www.ioes.ucla.edu/project/a-life-cycle-analysis-of-virtual-vs-physical-production-for-film-and-television/   LED virtual production already offers compelling sustainability credentials over location shooting, but […]

The Advantages of Corporate LED

At Bendac, we believe that LED can make a difference to all businesses. We have supplied our LED solutions across a wide range of industries and find that the corporate environment is one which the benefits of installing the technology can be felt on a direct level. Today, we look at the benefits of LED […]

The Benefits of Virtual Production

The Benefits of Virtual Production

We live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving. Being ahead-of-the-curve has never been more important when looking to get ahead of your competition. Creating video content is a massive part of strategy in today’s business operations, but not every company can afford to go on-location to film exciting videos for their campaigns, productions, […]

The Bendac Group: Who Are We?

Founded by David and Ben DaCosta in 2016, the Bendac Group is the UK’s leading custom LED display solutions provider, designing and delivering bespoke, industry-leading LED solutions to a variety of business sectors across the globe. Headquartered in our dedicated technology and innovation centre – 90 minutes West of London – the Bendac Group has […]

The AV Industry Vs Coronavirus.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has made 2020 a tough year for industries across the globe. With businesses facing the harsh impact of disruptions throughout the majority of sectors- from cancelled shows and face to face client meetings to interruptions in production lines – the ripple effect of the pandemic has been vast and unpredictable to […]