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One of the oldest football grounds in the country, Stamford Bridge is an iconic location. Looking to pursue further experience enhancing developments for fans and spectators alike, Chelsea FC reached out to the Bendac for an innovative, bespoke LED solution for upgrading the two scoreboard displays at the grounds. Bendac, having already engaged in extensive custom projects world-wide, welcomed such an influential project so close to home ground and kicked off with a soundly designed a plan of action.

In total, 117 cabinets were removed, and 256 cabinets installed in their place – 128 cabinets per screen. The extra cabinets accounted for a width increase of over 2.5m (7.68m to 10.24m), creating a new aspect ratio of 16:9 and in turn, increasing the dimensions of the structural framework (which Bendac also engineered) required to mount the screens.

The project was large and not without obstacles. Even with careful and precise planning, a variety of challenges presented themselves during the installation, though this did not stop the Bendac team from delivering a premier service.

A feat of Engineering

Our highly skilled team of designers and engineers can overcome a multitude of complex challenges when retrofitting within stadia. Contact us to find out more.

Suspended on a winch, the South Screen presented monumental engineering challenges when increasing the size. Our highly skilled team needed to attach 1.5 tonnes of water to the right-hand side of the screen introducing an eccentric load to balance the weight of the existing frame.

The LED screens' brightness of 5000nits ensures ease of viewing on bright summer days, and an IP of 65 guards against the harshest of elements (in addition to any over-enthusiastic free kicks).

A pixel pitch of 10mm is ideal for LED scoreboards within large stadiums as it elongates viewing distance.

At the time, the project itself was Bendac’s largest turnkey LED solution at this level.

North Screen Framework 1North Screen Complete Bendac 2