One of the oldest football grounds in the country, Stamford Bridge is an iconic location. Looking to pursue further experience enhancing developments for fans and spectators alike, Chelsea FC reached out to Bendac for an innovative, bespoke LED solution for upgrading their digital assets at the grounds. Bendac, having already engaged in extensive custom projects world-wide, welcomed such an influential project. 3 years since the start of our work with Chelsea FC, we have now installed over 30 LED solutions throughout the Stamford Bridge Estate. 




The first full turnkey solution provided to the club was the update of the 2 large in-bowl LED screens. In total, 117 cabinets were removed, and 256 cabinets installed in their place – 128 cabinets per screen. The extra cabinets accounted for a width increase of over 2.5m (7.68m to 10.24m), creating a new aspect ratio of 16:9 and in turn, increasing the dimensions of the structural framework (which Bendac also engineered) required to mount the screens.

The project was large and not without obstacles. Even with careful and precise planning, a variety of challenges presented themselves during the installation, though this did not stop the Bendac team from delivering a premier service.


Chelsea’s West Stand Upper Tier seating was refurbished as part of the process to offer premium ticket options for fans.

With an aim to enhance matchday experience and highlight these seats as a premium location, Bendac was brought back in to design and install three new gantry screens which improved the viewing experience of the action below on the pitch, and ensured that fans had visibility of the score and highlights.

Our team of in-house engineers designed custom framework and mounts to suspend the large screens, accounting for a multitude of challenges when working in such a complex location. These screens have proved incredibly beneficial to the club, and resulted in a further six smaller screens being installed for the highest seats in the stand.



Bendac designed and installed LED Press Screens for pre- and post-match interviews with the manager.

These screens are used for sponsor branding, and provides Chelsea with a new level of flexibility and control when conducting their press meetings. Featured regularly across all forms of media, the level of intricacy and care taken to create the screen is clearly showcased.

This LED sponsor board is a unique solution by Bendac, which has been featured in manager interviews and signing announcement videos published by the club and wider sports media. The 3.5m x 1.5m 1.9 pixel pitch displays have been installed in three sites across Stamford Bridge, Cobham Training Centre and Kingsmeadow to provide uniformity for content capture, as requested by the club.


The Great Hall at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Stadium previously had small TV screens wrapped around the support pillars. However, these screens were too small, causing fans to crowd around them. This caused congestion in the area, making it difficult for food and beverage kiosks to serve customers.

To alleviate the congestion and improve the fan experience, Bendac was brought in to install a series of LED displays spanning the length of the concourse. Bendac engineers designed a series of mounts to hang the screens from the high ceiling in the space. Additionally, the centre four screens were retrofitted with a lifting mechanism to move them out of the way during large-scale corporate events.

The installation of Bendac’s LED displays immediately improved the flow of footfall in the Great Hall. Fans spread out, reducing the concentration around the pillars and making it easier for kiosks to serve food and drinks.


The upper concourse of the West Stand, known as Westview, is designed to provide an inclusive and engaging experience for fans. As part of this initiative, Bendac installed large LED displays on the walls of the bar area. These displays enhance the fan experience by keeping supporters informed about the ongoing match and creating a space for fans to gather before kick-off or during breaks. By including these LED screens, Chelsea FC ensures that supporters do not crowd in large groups, providing a safe access route and efficient footfall management during the build-up to the match.

Through the installation of LED displays in the concourse of the Westview stand, Chelsea Stamford Bridge demonstrates its commitment to providing an inclusive fan experience. These screens not only keep supporters informed but also create a vibrant atmosphere and revenue generation opportunities. By prioritising fan engagement and safety, Chelsea FC continues to enhance the overall matchday experience for its supporters.



The Shed End at Chelsea Stamford Bridge presented a large space that the owners wanted to utilise as a fan zone before matches. In a specific corner, an angled area was identified as an ideal location for the installation of a large screen. The purpose of this screen was to showcase pre-match entertainment, non-match day advertising, and branding opportunities.

Bendac engineers installed a 25sqm screen which was carefully fitted to match the available space on the wall. To ensure optimal viewing experience, a light sensor was incorporated into the installation. This sensor automatically adjusted the brightness of the screen based on the level of sunlight at any given time.

The installation of the screen proved to be an immediate success among both matchday and non-matchday fans. On match days, the surrounding area is now equipped with kiosks selling food and beverages, providing fans with a dedicated space to enjoy pre-match entertainment before entering the stadium. Non-match day visitors are treated to a captivating visual experience, featuring a montage of advertising, highlights from previous matches, and interactive quizzes.


The retail space is a key area for any sports club, and this is no different for Chelsea FC. The Chelsea Megastore was fitted with an MV 5.9 MAX. 7m x 4m operating at a stunning 6,000nits brightness, providing crystal clear visibility for visitors, shoppers, and fans alike in all conditions. This display replaced the static mannequins which were moved to a lower level. Prior to the installation, Bendac’s engineers were required to also install a steel structure to support the display, due to the previous hordings being unsuitable. A light sensor was installed to control light values during operational hours, assisting the club in acting sustainably.

Sustainability is more important than ever for all businesses. With a heavy travel toll many football clubs are searching for sustainable solutions. Bendac’s LED displays are manufactured to deliver excellent visual results with minimal power consumption required.


At Chelsea’s training facility in Cobham, Bendac designed and installed a mobile screen on the training ground. The purpose of this screen was to replay footage, analyse and improve player performance, set up special movements, and enhance the overall training experience for the team.

Bendac created a trailer-mounted screen that could be easily moved to any pitch used for training. The high-bright screen, measuring 5m x 3m with a 6mm pixel pitch, was mounted on a custom-built galvanised steel trailer, providing flexibility and mobility on the training pitches.

Since its installation, the Cobham Analyst screen has become an integral part of every training session. It is also a fantastic example of how clubs can utilise technology throughout their grounds, not just in the stadium itself. In this case, the mobile nature of the screen allows for flexibility and adaptability, providing valuable visual feedback and analysis to the coaching staff and players.


Bendac’s Engineering team designed a series of LED totems to be positioned around the grounds of Stamford Bridge, and are comprised of a single or double-sided LED display of 1m x 2m at 2.9mm pitch. The LED sits within a purpose-built structure which was colour matched with the club’s colours.

These LED totems made the delivery of content much more impactful than any previous outdoor signage. They are a powerful asset used for easy to view way-finding solutions, eye-catching advertising, and any other club or sponsor content.

The introduction of this kind of digital signage unlocked a new revenue stream for the club, by offering high quality screen-time to corporate clients for advertising.




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