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What is COBi?

COBi is Bendac’s durable yet dazzling LED solution.

With a high refresh rate, 160°/160° viewing angle, and 1,000 nits brightness rating, the COBi display is suitable for a wide range of requirements. From retail displays, such as product screens and promotional content, to corporate environments for presentations or information sharing in the office, COBi produces stunningly clear images, giving your audience the ability to observe the screen in all conditions.

Key Information

– 1,000 Nits Brightness
– 3,450Hz Refresh Rate
– 200W/m2 Average Power  Consumption
– 160°/160° Viewing Angle

COBi tile angled to the left

COBi’s suitability for all environments.

As well as the stunning visuals provided by the features previously mentioned, COBi is built to last, providing fantastic durability in all conditions. The tactile front and back of the unit ensures that any contact leave a minimal impact to the performance of the display, making it the ideal choice for sporting environments.

Simply get in touch to learn more, or visit the page below to find out more about the suitability of COBi for your next LED installation.

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