In a revolutionary LED display within the educational sector, we supplied a fully immersive curved LED room and ceiling for the prestigious Concord College in Shropshire.

The design proposal suggested LED wrapped walls allowing for 360° video and informational content, creating a vastly impactful bespoke learning environment for the students of the school. The College’s management intended a content focus around the results of their students work, further creating an inspiring and engaging learning space.

The 360° seamless LED display illustrates our full turnkey solutions, from inception to implementation including survey, design, installation and service being applied to any opportunity for digitalisation.

A new way of learning

Create immersive learning experiences that are inspiring and engaging. Bendac have revolutionised LED displays for the education sector – contact us to find out how.

We designed an entirely bespoke LED display, featuring 400 cabinets of SF wrapped around the both the internal and external walls on a framework, and 32 cabinets of ER making up the ceiling. 

This was the first LED display of its kind in an education establishment.

SF cabinets have an advanced magnetic system, enabling easy assembly in addition to front accessibility for maintenance.

The LED display often showcases the work of students at the college, alongside inspiring and educational content.