Google | YouTube

We were approached by Google to design, build and install a fully custom LED staircase for their flagship European HQ in Berlin. The staircase was a link between the YouTube studios and the main Google campus so provided a high footfall and key route within the building.

Resolution, serviceability, and impact protection for staff and visitors were the key considerations through the project and, working with the architects, designers and main contractor, we created a fully bespoke mounting system using and tailored 2.5mm LED modules to meet this requirement perfectly.

Our solution, which consisted of 22 bespoke LED steps, was a ground-breaking achievement in showing the capabilities of LED display technology.

Bring transient spaces to life

Our in house engineers can design and conceptualise exciting bespoke LED solutions, no matter the location. 

This unique design is a clever way of livening up a transient space, offering a display of engaging and inspiring LED content. 

From the whole LED installation, there was only 1 single full diode failure, out of over 1 million.