Heathrow AIRPORT

Looking to pursue further enhancement within the terminal, Heathrow Airport required a bespoke LED solution that would benefit not only the Heathrow brand and needs of the airport itself, but also the millions of passengers who use it annually.

Bendac’s skilled team conceptualised and designed an impressive 25m curved ribbon LED display. With the intention of increasing visibility within the Terminal 5 departure lounge, in addition to significantly improving visual appeal for airport users, the installation aimed to create a striking and modern display that was representative of the exciting potential offered at an airport.  

Flexible design solutions

Utilise the power of LED within high-footfall destinations and create show-stopping displays that capture attention. Get in touch today to see how you could use LED in your next project.

Adaptable, lightweight and versatile in nature, the SF boasts an advanced magnetic system, enabling easy assembly in addition to front accessibility for maintenance.

With a pixel pitch of 4mm and brightness of 1000nits, the LED screen can be viewed clearly from a considerable distance whilst maintaining a clear and defined picture.

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 (where the LED screen is located) measured movement of over 32.8 million passengers, and over 210,723 flights- making it the busiest terminal across the Heathrow complex.

Consisting of soft, highly flexible PCBs, the LED SFs adaptable nature allows for the creation of convex and concave displays, with special attention to cylindrical designs also falling within its remit.