kennedy space centre

The Kennedy Space Centre complex in Orlando, Florida, receives over 1.5 million guests each year. It boasts 27 stunning LED digital displays, which support NASA’s vision of creating an out-of-this-world visitor experience.

With over 200 sqm of LED situated throughout the site, digital display technology is used for wayfinding, informational and promotional purposes. These LED displays, both inside and outside the complex, have revolutionised the experience for guests who travel from all over the world, and continue to improve the complex’s attraction.

LED Displays that take you to another world

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The Space Centre Shop showcases a 38m long LED ribbon display, alongside 2 further LED screens.

There are nearly 5million pixels installed throughout the complex.

Since it’s founding in 1964, Kennedy Space centre has undergone numerous major refurbishments. The process of installing our LED screens there started in 2018.  

There are four different LED products installed throughout the complex, each chosen to best utilise the space available and ensure quality viewing.

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