king fahad bridge

Positioned over the main highway through the city, The King Fahad Bridge project is a 560sqm, double sided fixed LED installation, which won Bendac the ‘Best Original Digital Billboard’ DooH Award. 

The location created a wealth of design challenges. With the need for modifications to built-in heat dissipation units (to encourage the displays to cool at a quicker rate) as well as a fully customised shader pack (to prevent from sand ingress) in response to the reoccurring sandstorms and unbearably dry heat associated with the desert region.

This vast two sided 35m x 8m stunning LED display is viewed by thousands of people daily.

No project too big or small

Our LED solutions span a wide range of sectors, and we are proud to be able to design and deliver bespoke, full turnkey services no matter the size of the project.

Our team, combined with that of Al Arabia, devised perfect design specifications over eighteen months, with the installation of the massive LED project taking a mere 10 days, thanks to the incredible efficiency and skill of those involved.

Our farthest LED installation to date, the King Fahad Bridge is nearly 4,000 miles from Bendac HQ.

Over 18 tonnes of LED was used to build this monumental display!

Carried out in August, with temperatures reaching over 45C in the day, in addition to harsh, abrasive elements and bulky PPE, the team instead had to work through the slightly cooler (31C) nights.