Providing specialist and advanced engineering expertise to your challenges

Bendac’s far reaching experience and expertise in the LED industry has paved the way to making the impossible, possible. We offer a specialist, expert conceptualisation service alongside a talented, in-house design team, in order to design, develop and manufacture bespoke solutions that provide you the optimum solution for your project.

Bendac’s experienced technical engineers work closely with you to offer impartial advice and information about our bespoke designing service. Our team will explore the requirements and challenges on your project and provide extensive guidance on picking a solution that will bring your custom-design to life.

At Bendac, we focus on delivery of incredible solutions that align with your objectives. From straightforward concepts to large challenging projects, we will provide experienced support to ensure you develop the best approach to meet your exact requirements.

Arrange a trip to our visualisation centre based out of our headquarters in Melksham, UK to meet with our dedicated team of engineers and concept managers to discuss developing your vision.

Your projects brought to life.