Virtual production
& simulation


Refresh Rate

99.2% of DCI-P3

Colour Gamut

>240 FPS

Frame Rate


Scan Ratio


Refresh Rate


Average Power Consumption

160° / 120°

Wide Viewing Angle

7,000 nits



The Bendac ProCine P1.9 is the ultimate LED VP tile, offering superior technical and visual specifications that set it apart from competitors. With a scan rate of 15,350 Hz, double that of most other LED VP tiles, the ProCine P1.9 delivers smooth and seamless pans that truly impress. The tile also boasts 99.2% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour space, a sub-2mm pixel pitch, and a scan ratio of 1/8, all contributing to an unmatched image quality that is simply breathtaking. But the ProCine P1.9 isn’t just about image quality; it also uses a common cathode design and an advanced driver chip that reduces the number of integrated circuits on each tile, resulting in a 20-30% reduction in power consumption. This is a significant advantage for users with hundreds or thousands of tiles to keep lit for 10 hours a day. The Bendac ProCine P1.9 is the market leader in LED VP tiles, and its exceptional technical and visual specifications, coupled with its power-saving design, make it the perfect choice for your VP stage.


Pixel Pitch1.9mm
Cabinet Resolution256 x 256
Cabinet Dimensions500 x 500 x 70.1 mm
Cabinet Weight7.5 Kg
Brightness1,500 nits
Viewing Angle160°H : 160°V
Refresh Rate15,360 Hz@60 Hz
Contrast Ratio8,000:1
Scan Method1/8
Frame Rate>240 FPS
Colour Gamut99.2% DCI-P3
CurveConvex -5° / Concave +10°
Processing Depth16 bit
Frame Frequency251Hz (Max) @16 bit
Minimum Power Consumption44W
Maximum Power Consumption148W

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