InfiLED : Products

SF Series

infiLED’s SF series is designed to be the perfect product for creative applications, due to its flexible and lightweight nature. The SF series’ main feature is the soft and highly flexible PCBs that allow the creation of convex and concave curved displays. This range also has an advanced magnetic system, enabling easy assembly in addition to front accessibility and maintenance. The nature of the SF series and its versatility make it the perfect product for curved and cylindrical displays.

Key Information

  • The range of pixel pitch availability for the SF is (in mm): 2.5, 4, 6.67, 10
  • 110 – 120* horizontal & vertical viewing angle
  • High refresh rate of 3840Hz+
  • Ultra-lightweight product, with 0.5kg individual modules
  • Front and rear service capability
  • Concave & convex flexible solutions available
  • Magnetic cylinder installation
  • Patented ‘One Action Locking’ system designed for faster, seamless screen building
  • Up to 20* corner angle available