InfiLED : Products

infilED’s X series represents the flagship wave product as a highly flexible, thin and ultra-lightweight cabinet. While other products within the infiLED range allow for curved displays, the X series is our most popular and reliable. With image quality supported by a configurable high refresh rate, its lightweight and thin nature, 20° curve ability the X products remains our first choice Wave solution.

Key Information

  • The range of pixel pitch availability for the X series is (in mm): 2.97, 3.91
  • 110* horizontal & vertical viewing angle
  • Low power consumption with an average of 60w/panel
  • Certified to CE, EMC, LVD industry standard safety regulations
  • Up to 20* corner angle available
  • Patented ‘One Action Locking’ system designed for faster, seamless screen building
  • Ultra-lightweight product with a cabinet weight of 8.9kg
  • High refresh rate of up to 4800Hz
  • Magnetic connection for easy setup & servicing