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The Bendac ProStudio 2.6 is a high-quality LED display designed for use by Corporate, Education or larger VP stages. With a pixel pitch of ranging from 1.2 to 2.6mm, the ProStudio delivers stunning image quality with exceptional detail and clarity. The module arrangement is 2 x 2, providing a seamless canvas and uniform display. The ProStudio has an impressive 99.2% DCI-P3 colour space and a refresh rate of 7,680Hz, making it perfect for high-performance applications. With a frame rate of >120 FPS, the ProStudio delivers smooth and fluid motion for an exceptional VP experience.


ModelBendac ProStudio 2.6
Pixel Pitch2.6mm
Cabinet Dimensions500 x 500mm
Cabinet Resolution192 x 192
Module Arrangement2 x 2
Colour Space99.2% DCI-P3
Refresh Rate7,680Hz
Frame Rate>120 FPS

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