Packaged Services

Digitalisation as a Solution

One of our offerings here at the Bendac Group is the provision of Digitalisation as a Solution (DaaS). A full turnkey service specialising in creating premium quality LED display solutions, DaaS is a comprehensive facility designed to deliver every aspect of your project.

DaaS solutions comprise of integrating the very best in LED display technology to showcase stunning dynamic content through the use of award-winning content management systems (CMS). From conceptualisation and manufacturing through to commissioning and servicing, DaaS covers every step of your LED vision. Whether it be bespoke framework, groundworks or installation- Bendacs UK based team of experts are on hand to manage any project, regardless of size or specifications


The key product and service offerings included in DaaS solutions are:


This service involves sitting down with the client to discuss what they are wanting to achieve from going digital.


This service ensures the specification of both hardware and software is suitable for the project.

Creative Suite

The Creative Suite is a collection of creative services that enable clients to make the most of their soon-to-be-installed digital asset with stunning visual content.


This stage of DaaS is carried out at one of our industry-leading factories to manufacture premium products to be integrated into the overall solution.


After the manufacturing stage of the process, the hardware elements of the solution are stringently tested to ensure they meet the Bendac Group’s standards which are some of the highest in the industry.


Once the hardware has been manufactured and tested, the logistics of getting the hardware to site is then managed by DaaS with the client given options without having to manage the process.


Following the timely arrival of goods to site, our team are then tasked with carefully installing both hardware and software following instructions from our installation manuals.


On completion of installation, our Director of Customer Support will then oversee the commissioning of the display in order to make sure correct procedure has been followed. This will then activate our manufacturer’s warranty.


This element of DaaS is vital to ensure our solutions are kept looking there best in the years to come and not just upon completion of install. We very much follow guidelines of preventative maintenance in order to reduce the number of faults where possible.


Like on our products, all of our DaaS offerings can be purchased via Bendac Approved Finance, subject to status.