As a global company, we continue to strive towards a greener future and take accountability for the affect our actions have on our environment.

We continue to work tirelessly towards becoming a carbon neutral group of companies.



As a company operating in a highly polluting industry, here at Bendac we take our responsibility towards the environment and the planet very seriously. This is why we are pioneers of Environmental Auditing in the LED industry and have been consistently audited by a specialist external agency since 2018.

Our company policy is to be operating at a level of environmental friendliness which contributes towards a global carbon neutral society by 2030.

During the past 5 years of being environmentally audited, we have made many changes to our processes and supply chain in order to ensure we are acting as green and as responsibly as possible.

Examples of this include:

  • Introducing EV’s into our Company Car Policy

  • Changing our Energy Supply to Renewable at BOTH of our facilities

  • Introducing clear Recycling Guidelines for disposing of waste by our staff, to be followed across our facilities and on-site

  • Switching to lower-wattage/energy-saving lighting at our Main Facility

  • Making changes to our travel policies in order to maximise the use of lift-sharing and public transport where possible

  • Introduce the use of light-sensors into all of our LED solutions to ensure that our screens are running at the brightness they need to be running at based on their ambient light-conditions and not over-running

We understand that businesses of all sizes are now required to be working hard towards the UK governments’ target of being net zero by 2050, so we are operating in a way that means we are a preferable partner for organisations looking to be greener and we will continue to strive to be net zero far ahead of this long-term target.