Solving internal video production bottlenecks.

Are you struggling to deliver the quantity of internal video required?

Is your studio equipped to deliver multiple set changes for different video types?

Are your video outsourcing costs too high to be sustainable going forwards?

LED virtual production (LED VP) is the modern approach to solving corporate video throughput challenges, addressing the wide variety of content types required, and introducing new methods of visual marketing, training, and educating.

For the last 3.5 years LED VP has been revolutionising visual effects (VFX) production for cinematic and high-end television (HETV) content, enabling real-time in-camera visual effects that would otherwise take days of post-production compositing to achieve.

In its simplest form, an LED wall displays a photo-realistic 3D scene forming a backdrop to the talent or product in the studio. As the camera moves around the talent/product, the perspective of the photo-realistic 3D scene changes, giving the illusion that the talent/product are actually in the location.

LED virtual production is now cost-effective enough to use for corporates and enterprises.

Key features of a LED VP studio

  • Create any location – save on location and travel costs by creating any location in photo-realistic 3D using the Unreal Engine
  • Create any type of video – one studio can create multiple video types e.g., product training, sales training, social media video, financial reports etc.
  • Sets are created digitally – minimal physical set dressing required, ticks the sustainability and green boxes
  • Sets are switched instantly – shoot a product video in the morning, and a sales training video in the afternoon
  • Talent/presenters can see the set they are in – better performances in fewer takes
  • No green screen or keying artefacts – a LED wall delivers a higher quality composite image without green spill or keying artefacts
  • Computer generated 3D scenes or plate video – choose between using a real video backdrop or a photo-realistic 3D backdrop, depending on the video type being shot
  • Add image-based lighting – use dynamic image-based lighting (IBL) with an LED virtual studio, to achieve the very best composite illusion

An LED virtual production studio solves the video throughput and video variety pressures that medium to large enterprises are facing today. It also provides new tools and techniques to create highly compelling and visually impactful content, irrespective of the content type.

Bendac is an LED VP system integrator. Our differentiation is our LED expertise, plus a team containing individuals with extensive on-set cinematic, broadcast, and television virtual production experience.

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