Using LED Vitual Production to reduce location shooting costs!

Want to dramatically reduce your location shooting costs?

Need to avoid unplanned additional costs due to weather and travel delays?

Want ‘Golden Hour’ to last for the whole shoot?

Agree that a greener approach to location shooting is good for business?

An LED virtual production studio is the modern way to create content that requires a location backdrop, without needing to send a crew and talent to the location.

In its simplest form, LED VP involves a high-quality narrow pixel pitch LED wall displaying either a pre-shot photograph, or a pre-shot video, creating the illusion of a location background for the talent/product in the foreground.

A more advanced version of LED VP uses a real-time photo-realistic graphics engine, to create any location required, where the lighting can be controlled and the perspective of the scene changes correctly as the camera moves around the talent/product. This perspective change can also be added to the pre-shot photograph or pre-shot video version, a technique referred to as ‘2.5D’.

Both versions of LED VP can be supplemented with Image-based Lighting (IBL), a new technique for creating dynamic scene lighting that can be cast on the talent or product being shot, creating an even more photo-realistic composite image.

Key features of a LED VP studio

  • Create any location – using pre-recorded stills, pre-recorded video, or a photo-realistic real-time rendered 3D Unreal scene, create any virtual location inside a studio
  • Shoot stills and video – most brands require stills and video content, a LED VP system is capable of delivering both simultaneously
  • Change sets instantly – save on physical set-building time, set up time, and swap out time. Digital sets can be re-loaded with their lighting settings in seconds
  • Boost photo-realism – add dynamic image-based lighting or IBL (essentially an LED light driven by the scene on the LED wall) to better blend the talent to the background scene, creating ‘location’ shots that are indistinguishable from the real thing
  • No green screen or keying artefacts – a LED wall delivers a higher quality composite image without green spill or keying artefacts

An LED VP studio gives photo studios/creative agencies a highly convincing way to reduce location shoot costs, whilst adding flexibility to the timeline. LED VP also boosts the green credentials of the photo studio/creative agency, and for the brands that the photo studio/creative agency represents.

Bendac is an LED system integrator, our differentiation is our LED expertise, plus a team containing individuals with extensive on-set cinematic, broadcast, and television virtual production experience.

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